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GoldWord Business Solution

Make GoldWord your partner for success.

What is GoldWord businesses Solution?

GoldWord is looking for an opportunity for a partnership and long-term business alliance.

We believe in developing the efficiency of our partners' sales effort, as well as their client's satisfaction.
GoldWord offers cost-effective licensing options for a wide variety of organizations.
GoldWord Solution for businesses is flexible and easy to use. With the GoldWord business solution you will be able to post your clients and employees messages/banners you want them to see and link that message to your business news, your latest press release and your new features or products.

How is it done?
Phase 1: You contact our sales representative by email for a purchase of minimum 100 units for a fair price.
Phase 2: During your purchase you will get a certification ID, and a URL to which you will log in and update your banner and your link.
Phase 3: Distribute GoldWord among your clients and employees and have them see any update you want them to see.

Benefits for your Business:

• Volume Discount Programs
• Adapted to your Network Environment
• Tailor made program look and feel
• Maintenance and Support
* Creative Solutions

For a quote contact our sales representatives:
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Sales Contact

GoldWord is looking for distributors and resellers, as well as for Companies that have a a strong network of clients.

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