Darien – The Past, Present and Future

In the beginning, everyone wanted the town of ‘’Darien’’ to be named after their own family. But the name Darien was first suggested by a sailor who had sailed to Darien, which was Panama, back then it was a part of the Spanish Empire. The name was unanimously agreed upon by the people living in the town. Darien is a town in the state of Connecticut. The town has a population size of about 20,000 people. Darien is located between Stamford and Norwalk with some building used as offices. For the purpose of recreation, the town of Darien has 2 beaches, 4 small parks, 4 country clubs, 2 yacht clubs and 1 hunt club.

A Bit of History
Records have it that the clearing of the Darien land was first done by people from the Wethersfield, Norwalk and New Haven in 1641. The landscaping was done to befit that era. But in this generation, the design and implementation of landscaping has taken a new dimension. Landscaping experts may be consulted to carryout site visit in order to prepare a beautiful design that matches up with today’s aesthetics.

In 1740, the first community Church was built by the Middlesex Society. The church is the present day First Congregational Church of Darien. The element of being ancient is still seen in the building. The building can still be remodeled to look more beautiful and attractive. The work of remodeling either for the building or the land space around the building is easy to accomplish without stress. With little money, especially within the allocated financial budget, the remodeling work can be carried out. The work will be done by professional hands in the different segments of the work. This will be done to give an attractive look to the job.

The Present Day Darien
There are great changes in Darien in the present day. Several things have changed. In the past, transportation for example was a bit stressful, also the number of schools available were very limited with little or no annual events. Now, there are a number of schools, more clubs, better transportation network, philanthropic groups, more recreation spots, several interesting events and so on. Darien is a center of attraction for recreational activities now. This is achieved as a result of the volumes of work of development that were done in the community.

However, more volumes of developmental works are recommended. As long as there is life, there should be unstoppable developments so that the town will not be phased out or become obsolete in the scheme of the world architecture. Some of the philanthropic groups can come together to fund the developmental project especially the Community Fund of Darien. State of the art architectural design work will be done within the shortest period with little financial stress. It is certain that the town of Darien will be the New Jerusalem Paradise if this concept of collective efforts of development is imbibed.